Where do we learn - visualizing the limitations of social media

09-11-2010 – Filed under knowledge-managementaccesslearningsocial-mediavisualization

How and where does most of our learning happens in our daily work life? The visualization above illustrates how intensively the learning process can be, as it can even happen in ordinary places such as the water cooler or the telephone.  At our most common daily places and through our daily…

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Data explosion (part 2): How we digitize the world and its implications

29-09-2010 – Filed under technologyaccessdataopen-dataprivacyRFIDsensor

In my last post I listed the many ways we digitize our environment. Text, voice and image recognition, and mobile data collection are only a few possible methods to bridge the on- and offline world, as the Swiftly blog rightly pointed out. So here some more methods and some reflections…

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Blog action day: The limited view on poverty in Western societies

15-10-2008 – Filed under knowledge-managementaccessenvironmentjusticpovertytransnational

A few days ago a tragic report came out stating that around a billion people in this world do not have enough to eat.  The food crisis will worsen because of the fast rising prices, not to mention the impact of the financial crisis. The difference between the levels of…

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