My take on the state of mobile phones for developments

25-01-2009 – Filed under ICT4Dafricaagriculturedevelopmentmobileopen-sourcerural-development

As an outcome from the virtual forum on mobile phones by FAO – where I experienced a great exchange with mobile phone practitioners worldwide – I was interviewed by the forum. During the interview, I tried to summarize my observations and discussions around mobile  phones for development from the…

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The participatory web – new potentials for ICT in rural areas

11-01-2009 – Filed under ICT4Dagriculturelocal-knowledgemobilerural-developmentweb2fordev

I had the honour to be the editor of a new cover publication by the Deutsche Gesellschaft for Technische Zusammenarbeit (German Technical Cooperation). This is one of many pieces the sector project “Knowledge System in Rural Areas” has published in recent years, which I can highly recommend. One is a…

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Virtual Forum: Mobile Telephony in Rural Areas

14-11-2008 – Filed under ICT4Dagriculturemobilerural-development

Next week starts a two-week-long virtual forum on mobile telephony in rural areas, put together by the FAO through the e-agriculture initiative. The forum brings together people from all around the world to dicuss the potential of mobile phones particularly for rural development, but probably also various other topics around…

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