Google Wave: Real-time trouble and the persistent belief in tools

17-06-2009 – Filed under knowledge-managementbandwidthcollaborationinformation-managementproductivity

Google presents a new tool and a new hype is born. This time it is about online collaboration and promises nothing less than the end of email. Although the tool has clearly some great innovations, I cannot share the great enthusiasm and again the belief that a tool can change…

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What does local content have to do with low-bandwidth applications?

14-04-2009 – Filed under ICT4Dlinksafricabandwidthbloggingconnectivitymobilerural-developmentweb2fordev

High bandwidth access expands worldwide, finally in Africa too, but in many places the connectivity does not allow for an easy Internet usability, let alone the use of many tools for publishing own content and interacting easily with other users. Aside from many other challenges, one important to remark is…

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Web2.0 - potentials or obstacles for connectivity?

25-03-2008 – Filed under ICT4Dbandwidthconnectivityweb2fordev

The discussion about web2.0 and development is divided roughly into two groups. One argues for the potential of the social web and that finally the users shape the web and applications to their benefit. And the other side wonders what does web2.0 make for a difference in the field of…

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