A personal six month experiment: Pros & cons of digital reading

07-05-2010 – Filed under booksdigital-publishinge-readerebooksreading

Half a year ago I started a small experiment. I have changed to read content on digital devices. Before I opted to do so, I had always thought that I would miss the feeling of paper, but to my surprise I do not. I am quite impressed how easy and…

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Blogs vs. Books for learning

30-10-2007 – Filed under booksblogginglearning

This post is rather abstract. It depicts me being puzzled about choosing between blogs or books. The question is if these two media could even be compared at all? Today I heard a presentation on which it was said that the internet is no medium, in the way that you…

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Wikinomics: Being open, peering, sharing and acting globally

23-05-2007 – Filed under booksbusinesscollaborationsciencewiki

Recently I finished reading the book Wikinomics. I wondered whether it is just another buzzword or if it contributes to the discussion of how the Internet changes our world. In any case the authors left some answers open to be written by the readers themselves. After reading the introduction I…

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