Culture of social networks in Africa on the example of trade

01-12-2009 – Filed under ICT4Dafricabusinessmarket-informationmobilesocial-networkvalue-chainweb2fordev

There are over one billion Internet users worldwide according to a list from Wikipedia. Every day thousand of people joining social networks such as Facebook. How can these social networks be used to boost business? Are there differences between countries or regions how such social networks work? Mark Davies from Esoko, explains…

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4 examples for innovative mobile phone use in Africa

29-08-2007 – Filed under ICT4Dafricabusinessmobile

According to the latest statistics from the New York Times and the World Bank, the African continent is lagging behind in mobile phone subscribers and Internet users. However, African countries have one of the highest quota of mobile phone subscribers. The rate of subscribers varies a lot –between 724 in…

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Can free and open source software make a difference in developing countries?

23-07-2007 – Filed under ICT4Dbusinessculturedevelopmentlearningnetworkopen-sourcesharing

I have already written before about the concept of open source, but this time I want to highlight the potential of free and open source software (FOSS). I attended a while ago an interesting presentation on free and open source software by Andrea Götzke and Balthas Seibold. What I found…

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Sun blogging turns communication upside down

31-05-2007 – Filed under communicationknowledge-managementbloggingbusinesscivil-societycommunity-of-practice

Sun Microsystems’ blogging approach changes the company’s communication and knowledge management. In wikinomics I encountered Johan Schwartz, the CEO of Sun, with his unusual approach of not being him the only one blogging but also his colleagues, whom he encourages to blog publicly about their work and anything else they…

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Wikinomics: Being open, peering, sharing and acting globally

23-05-2007 – Filed under booksbusinesscollaborationsciencewiki

Recently I finished reading the book Wikinomics. I wondered whether it is just another buzzword or if it contributes to the discussion of how the Internet changes our world. In any case the authors left some answers open to be written by the readers themselves. After reading the introduction I…

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Fair trade laptop - an extra 30 euro would be enough

12-05-2007 – Filed under ICT4Dbusinesscivil-societycomputerenvironment

Fair trade coffee is widely known and successful, but what about fair trade computers? This was the question of a session at the re-publica conference back in April with Frithjof Schmidt (member of the European parliament) and Andrea Manhart from the Ökoinstitut in Freiburg (ecological institute). The labour conditions of…

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