Ocean pollution: Crowdsourcing data for advocacy

03-03-2016 – Filed under environmentcrowdsourcingmonitoringmobiledata

At the border session festival I had the pleasure to attend a fascinating presentation by Jeroen Dagevos from the Plastic Soup Foundation. He highlighted the extent of ocean pollution by plastic and trash and how his organization uses crowdsourcing data to campaign against it. The image above shows a crystal…

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Data explosion (part 2): How we digitize the world and its implications

29-09-2010 – Filed under technologyaccessdataopen-dataprivacyRFIDsensor

In my last post I listed the many ways we digitize our environment. Text, voice and image recognition, and mobile data collection are only a few possible methods to bridge the on- and offline world, as the Swiftly blog rightly pointed out. So here some more methods and some reflections…

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Data explosion: The many ways to get content online (or how we digitize the world)

13-09-2010 – Filed under ICT4Dknowledge-managementtechnologycrowdsourcingdataopen-data

The same way the fishing industry has found more efficient methods to get most fishes out of the oceans, is exactly how we find more ways to digitze information that was previously only available offline. Imagine a massive fishing-net bringing us the greatest fishes, but emptying the oceans. What would…

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