Private teachers for everyone? Personalized learning through artificial intelligence

12-12-2018 – Filed under artificial intelligenceeducationfuturelearning

In the science of learning it is long known that every student is required to study differently depending on their experience, skills and knowledge. But most training approaches teach the same way to all students. The student needs to adapt to the course curricula, instead of the curricula adapting to…

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A work day in 2035 thanks to artificial intelligence

30-11-2018 – Filed under artificial intelligenceworkfuture

“Good morning Heinz. No more excuses or I will open the shutters” says Claire, my ongoing follower, my legal stalker and beloved artificial intelligence assistant. The sweet voice is echoing in every corner of the apartment during my morning routine. She follows me through speakers or whispers in my ear….

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A working-day of a knowledge worker in 2030

12-01-2011 – Filed under knowledge-managementcreativityfutureinnovationsharing

Let’s say one day you arrive at work – a mainly knowledge-driven organization, such as a consultancy, where you don’t have an office, not even a position, nor a particular function. So to start your day, you first get a selection of all projects, ideas and problems that your organization…

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SMS Uprising: Mobile Activism in Africa

06-02-2010 – Filed under activismfuturemobile

The new opportunity to have activism through mobile phones is fascinating. I  have already often written about it. A while ago Sokari Enkine asked me to write a chapter for a recent published book funded by Hivos. I wrote about future trends and software developments, and then blogged about some…

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From A-Z to Organization2.0: F - Flexible staff and members

20-02-2009 – Filed under knowledge-managementcollaborationfuturenetworknonprofitorganizationproject-managementstakeholderwork

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Will organizations and companies still be running in the future by 9-5 working schemes? Can the members’ or stakeholders’ relationship still be organized in…

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