We would have great apps, if most Open data were not so boring

12-02-2013 – Filed under open-dataapp-developmentgeo-datadata-portal

If I only had some good data, I would do some great apps… It’s like that basic rule in nutrition: Food that is not eaten has no nutritional value. Data which is not understood has no value. Hans Rosling When it comes to open data nowadays, one first tends to…

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Maptivism: Maps for activism, transparency and engagement

14-09-2009 – Filed under activismawarenessmappingmashupopenstreetmapstransparencyweb2fordevgeo-data

It is estimated as much as 80% of data contains geo-referenced information. So, a lot of information can be displayed through maps. Digital maps allow easy ways to present large amounts of data and reduce complexity. Activists have found creative ways to use maps, but also development organizations have to…

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