Social media for development in the local context

19-06-2008 – Filed under knowledge-managementdevelopmentimpactlocal-knowledgesocial-media

Sorry for not having post anything recently, but I have had the opportunity to participate in the Socialcamp and KM4DEV conference, which I will shortly blog about. Thanks for the interesting comments on my blog post on local knowledge. Meryn Stol wrote a nice comment: “Every person can be a…

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Metrics: What is the impact of social media on organizations?

02-04-2008 – Filed under knowledge-managementimpactorganizationsocial-media

Getting social media or web2.0 into an organization is still not an easy task. The skepticism is often as high as the enthusiasm. If you can prove the benefit of social media in an organization, then you have better cards to go forward. I have been experimenting for a while…

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