Smart city innovation is not happening without citizens

23-02-2016 – Filed under innovationsmart citizencitzen participation

With the rise of big data and affordable sensor technology, smart city innovation can transform cities into a better place, but only if the right data is available. This seems to be a ‘solutionism’ belief. Almost like the equation: the better the data, the better the decision, neglecting the underlining…

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What can we learn from Africa on the use of mobiles for social/digital inclusion?

01-02-2011 – Filed under ICT4Dinclusioninnovationmobile

David Wilcox asked me on Quora this question, which I also want to publish as a response here to discuss the topic further. Would be great to get some more thoughts on that topic from you. I imagine we can learn a lot from digital inclusion in Africa. Here are some points:…

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A working-day of a knowledge worker in 2030

12-01-2011 – Filed under knowledge-managementcreativityfutureinnovationsharing

Let’s say one day you arrive at work – a mainly knowledge-driven organization, such as a consultancy, where you don’t have an office, not even a position, nor a particular function. So to start your day, you first get a selection of all projects, ideas and problems that your organization…

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Combining open innovation and crowdsourcing?

07-10-2009 – Filed under ICT4Dcrowdsourcinginnovationpeer-to-peeropen-innovation

At the Socialcamp in Berlin last weekend, a session dealt with “social business 2.0,” which turned out to be an intense and inspiring discussion on open innovation for appropriate technology through crowdsourcing – a sentence with many buzzwords. Essentially, many questions were raised, but among those were: How can innovative…

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Mobile phone innovation may not happen where you think it does

22-11-2008 – Filed under ICT4Dafricagpsinnovationiphonemobilesmssoftwaretechnology

The first days have passed by at the the Virtual Forum “Mobile Telephony in Rural Areas” and it has triggered some interesting discussions. One thread is around innovations and mobile phones. Being it software or ideas to extend the usage of the all purpose tools, cutting edge innovations are not…

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Web2fordev one year after – a critical review

09-09-2008 – Filed under ICT4Ddevelopmentinnovationlocal-knowledgemashupnetworkorganizationweb2fordevwisdom-of-crowd

Most of my readers know how enthusiastic I am about the potential that Internet has; being this either social web, social media, web2.0 or however you want to name it. But if I look back at what has happened in the development field during the last year, I have to…

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From A-Z to Organization2.0: C - Cafeteria — catching the informal

05-06-2008 – Filed under communicationknowledge-managementinnovationorganizationproductivitysocial-bookmarkingsocial-networktaggingwork

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Let’s face it, when you deal with knowledge sharing in an organization, it becomes quickly obvious that most knowledge is shared personally, face-to-face over…

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