Revenue? Examples of nonprofit or business model for open data

20-01-2011 – Filed under knowledge managementapplicationbusiness-modelfoodmobilenonprofitopen-data

As open data becomes more popular, I wonder where are the nonprofit and business models for open data? It is clear that somehow open data needs to generate revenues, because it will not only work with voluntary efforts. I did a little research to find interesting approaches to do more…

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When do we trust an information source?

08-01-2010 – Filed under knowledge managementevaluationinformationresearchsearchsocial-networktrust

Information research is performed in many different ways throughout the Internet. Once an information is found, the assessment of its relevance and trustiness happens through objective criteria and on the premise of subjective factors. What are such criteria and factors?  And how are they changing in a growing social connected…

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The open source approach for organizations

09-07-2007 – Filed under knowledge managementcivil-societylearningopen-sourcesocial-network

I just finished reading Allison Fine’s book “Momentum igniting social change in the Connected Age.” I really liked it because it explains in detail how we should reconsider cooperation and external communication in an organizational context. Fine speaks mainly of civil society such as activist organizations but I think her…

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