Polyglott Net: Activisme cartographique - Cartógrafos alternativos

01-10-2010 – Filed under activismlanguagemaptivism

The polyglot Internet is potentially possible, but often limited by its language barriers. A tiny percentage of the Internet content is translated. While famous US American blogs are read worldwide, Chinese, German, French or Indonesian blogs are often not noticed outside of their countries. There is an interesting presentation from…

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7 concerns about the web in 2008

21-01-2008 – Filed under ICT4Dknowledge-managementculturelanguagenetworkopennessparticipation

Frequent readers know I am quite enthusiastic about the social web, its potentials and cultural impact. Especially when it comes to knowledge sharing and information and communication technologies for development. However, I also have concerns and see obstacles about the participative web – its development and its divide. So as…

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Not English, but a multilingual social web is the key for collaboration

17-12-2007 – Filed under communicationcollaborationcultureenvironmentlanguagesocial-networkweb2fordev

**The social web is quite separated in different language domains. English is a key language to bridge different cultures, but it can also be a dead end. Worldwide collaboration can only work in a multilingual network. ** English is one of the major languages on the net, whether it is…

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