The race to map Africa and ethical issues around online mapping

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I started blogging at the Web2fordev gateway, from which I will crosspost some articles here from time to time to get some further discussions on web2fordev. I wrote the following piece together with Giacomo Rambaldi, the initiator of PPgis (Open Forum on Participatory Geographic Information Systems and Technologies). Online Mapping…

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What does local content have to do with low-bandwidth applications?

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High bandwidth access expands worldwide, finally in Africa too, but in many places the connectivity does not allow for an easy Internet usability, let alone the use of many tools for publishing own content and interacting easily with other users. Aside from many other challenges, one important to remark is…

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Top posts 2007 and my lessons learnt

31-12-2007 – Filed under linksblogginglearning

It is pleasing to reflect about the most visited posts, from this blog, during 2007. I wonder why some triggered more attention than others; and I am looking forward to applying some lessons learnt in 2008. 4 examples for innovative mobile phone use in Africa 10 challenges for web2.0 in…

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Weekly links: Blogging for democracy and African ingenuity

15-09-2007 – Filed under linksafricabloggingmobile

Two articles on mobile for development Mobiles for the ‘world’s poorest’ is a new article from BBC, which describes how Jeffery Sachs Millenium village project applies mobile phones. Another article describes how PDAs are saving lives in Africa. Blogging for democracy around the world Interesting interview with Antony Loewenstein, who…

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Weekly links: About Twitter and the future of the social web

27-08-2007 – Filed under links

Who owns web2.0? Amy Webb made an interesting listing on the latest acquisition of media and web companies. A rather spooky video shows the outcome of too much media concentration: Prometeus - The Media Revolution Thinking about Twitter Nancy White wrote two excellent posts about the use of Twitter to…

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Weekly links: Advocacy2.0, development2.0, knowledge worker2.0 and office2.0

18-08-2007 – Filed under activismlinksdevelopment

Advocacy2.0: Network-centric advocacy A nice presentation about new potentials for activism over the web. GlobalGiving Decision Markets GlobalGiving is a platform to initiate projects and find partners for them. In August, they started a kind of stock-market experiment to speculate about which project has the greatest chance of succeeding on…

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E-democracy: participation next? (2) Germany

13-08-2007 – Filed under activismlinkscivil-societye-democracyparticipationpoliticsunconference

Overview First of all, I would like to thank Jan Amos and and Rolf Lührs for their comments. Yes, I agree that in Germany some initiatives around e-democracy have been taken (e.g. e-petition in the German parliament), however, in comparison to German’s vibrant political life, its web is politically inactive….

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Weekly links: ICT4D, TED in Africa and enterprise2.0

06-08-2007 – Filed under ICT4Dlinksafrica

Online platform for South Asian community development Still in beta, this group blog offers insights into ICT4D projects in all over South Asia. Stories are for example: wireless computer technology in Nepal or a rural ICT center along with Digital Photography Lab in Bangladesh. Best way to understand information and…

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Weekly links July (4): Africa and ICT

29-07-2007 – Filed under linksafricamobile

This week I selected some interesting articles on African countries and information and communication technologies. Mobile Phone Reporters in Africa White African has an interesting blog post on Africa’s Voices experiment on mobile phone reporters. For Ugandan Farmers, Agricultural Tips Just a Phone Call Away An example for a project,…

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Weekly links July (3)

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How Will Web 2.0 Change Journalism? A short video about the future media landscape with interviews of some “web gurus.” Not much new but nice to listen to. Pan-African podcasting Interesting article from Pambazuka News about the challenges on podcasting in Africa. Digital divide goes beyond MySpace, Facebook “We’re moving…

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Weekly links July (2)

15-07-2007 – Filed under linkswiki

Howard Rheingold about our mobile world An insightful interview with the author of the book “Smart Mobs.” 11 deadly knowledge management sins Interesting post by David Snowden. One quote I liked particular:” Knowledge is all about action, making decisions creating innovative ideas. It is always contextual and is by necessarily…

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Weekly links July (1): politics and the web

02-07-2007 – Filed under linkspolitics

This weeks links are all about politics and the web. It is fascinating to see how the latest developments of social media and community driven websites slowly hit arena or bypass the government as Jonathan Freedland from the Guardian says. The internet will revolutionise the very meaning of politics Comment…

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Weekly links June (4)

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Web 2.0 and Your Own Learning and Development A great presentation by Stephen Downes about how everybody can use these new tools of interaction to enlighten their personal learning. Mobile Phones and Social Activism Interesting article by Ethan Zuckerman about “Why cell phones may be the most important technical innovation…

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Weekly links June (3)

16-06-2007 – Filed under links

Full text of Blair’s speech on politics and media An interesting speech by soon resigning Prime Minister Tony Blair on politics and media. “The news schedule is now 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It moves in real time. Papers don’t give you up to date news. That’s already…

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Weekly links June (2)

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Interview with Jimmy Wales An interesting interview from a German blog about community and Wikipedia. Karlsruhe wiki A great example of a wiki for a city in Germany with over 13 thousand articles. Eyes on Darfur After Google offered satellite photos of Darfur, Amnesty put together a great campaign website….

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Weekly links June (1)

02-06-2007 – Filed under links

Communication Nation: What is language? A nice visualization about different dimensions of language. WikiMindMap A mindmap created out of any wikipedia term with links to all other related topics. Great! Evolution of Communication: From Email to Twitter and Beyond “We barely have time to pause and reflect these days on…

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