Maptivism - Mit Karten informieren und mobilisieren

27-01-2014 – Filed under maptivismmapping

Das Internet hat die Welt der Kartographie revolutioniert. Während früher Kartenanwendungen aufwending in der Umsetzung waren, kann man heute umfassende Geo-Tools praktisch kostenlos nutzen. So können Laien heute digitale Karten selbst erstellen und mit eigenen Informationen kombinieren. Zum Beispiel als Alternative zur staatlichen Informationspolitik während der Reaktor-Katastrophe von Fukushima. Dort…

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Automated vs. manual mapping - consequences for crowdsourcing

16-12-2010 – Filed under activismtechnologydigital-recognitionmappingmaptivismopenstreetmaps

Digital cartography has made map making a lot easier. But If a map contains a lot of data or specific data, it can become a complex or costly adventure. Despite the efforts around open data, still the majority of data is not publicly available, and if so only for high…

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Polyglott Net: Activisme cartographique - Cartógrafos alternativos

01-10-2010 – Filed under activismlanguagemaptivism

The polyglot Internet is potentially possible, but often limited by its language barriers. A tiny percentage of the Internet content is translated. While famous US American blogs are read worldwide, Chinese, German, French or Indonesian blogs are often not noticed outside of their countries. There is an interesting presentation from…

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Context is king - new inspiring ideas on Maptivism

26-08-2010 – Filed under activismmappingmaptivismtransparency

If you sit in front a long list of information, it is often difficult to make quickly sense of it. If you look at a map of the same data, you might get a picture of it rather quickly. 1,470,000 US gallons of oil were leaking from an oil pipe…

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Presentation: A journey to the world of Maptivism

17-05-2010 – Filed under activismmappingmaptivismvisualization

A while ago I was asked, by Markus Beckedahl, to present something on maptivism at the re-publica conference.  And even though I am still exploring this new field, I tried to give an overview of the fascinating world of maptivism. Here is a video of my presentation (33 min.), which…

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5 inspiring examples for worldwide Maptivism

15-01-2010 – Filed under activismmappingmaptivismopen-datatransparency

“But the maps provided something that the narrative and statistics lacked […] We could articulate the case in words. […] But when you’d put up the maps, they’d stop listening to you and look at them [as if to] say, ‘Is this really possible?’” Reed Colfax in an interview by…

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