Sensorica: Self Managed Open Network Innovation

23-06-2017 – Filed under open innovationcollaboration

Back at the Peer Value conference last year I had the chance to hear a presentation by Tiberius Brastaviceanu from Sensorica that was really impressive. Open innovation is my passion and I work with my clients finding great ideas around our WeThinq platform. I believe open innovation is often seen…

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PostGrowth: Founding an organization remotely via Skype chat

15-11-2016 – Filed under open innovationcollaborationdigital social innovation

Christian Kreutz: I’m here at the Peer Value Conference with Donnie Maclurcan? I pronounced it right. That’s very nice. I was very intrigued about the work you’re saying you’re doing. Tell me a bit about what you’re doing? Donnie Maclurcan: Six years ago, with 10 individuals, we co-founded a global…

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Crowdfunding innovation in international cooperation

28-09-2016 – Filed under open innovationcrowdfunding

Download ebook For the launch of the ebook “10 trends in open innovation”, I was interviewed by Wolfgang Gumpelmaier-Mach, from the Crowdfunding Service Magazin. Wolfgang and his colleagues have contributed an exciting chapter to the publication, which of course has to do with crowdfunding. Wolfgang: Christian, you have published the…

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Open innovation in international cooperation

22-09-2016 – Filed under open innovationsocial innovation

Download ebook It is great to see that our publication “10 trends in open innovation” is now available as an eBook. For this project, I worked together with the GIZ, namely Jan Schwaab, Balthas Seibold and Christian Gmelin, to create 10 exciting chapters, which enlighten the abstract concept of innovation….

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Introduction to Open and social Innovation and how to get started

18-12-2014 – Filed under open innovationsocial innovation

This article was originally published in the GIZ publication “10 trends in open innovation - How to leverage social media for new forms of cooperation”. Taking Down Barriers To Social Innovation How To Tackle Challenges Through Mass Collaboration Tumble dryers are part of many households – a modern convenience but…

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10 Gründe warum Open Innovation oft scheitert

29-01-2014 – Filed under deopen innovationcrowdsourcing

Offene Innovation kann eine starke Kraft sein. Wenn Hunderte von Menschen offen zusammenarbeiten, können sich viele kreative Möglichkeiten entwickeln. Diese Art Energie ist fantastisch und ich finde es immer spannend live Open Innovation Prozesse, die über unsere Anwendung WE THINQ implementiert wurden, zu sehen. Ideen verbreiten sich wie ein Lauffeuer…

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