Moving towards open source innovation

24-07-2015 – Filed under open-innovationopen-source

After months of work our software code is finally released to the public for free. Every line of code and all thoughts behind it. Good ideas and probably also so not so good ones. The philosophy behind it all is simple: An idea needs to prove itself and can only…

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20 inspiring open source innovation communities and tools from around the world

17-07-2015 – Filed under open-innovationopen-sourcemaker

Last updated: 04.09.15 Open source software has become a strong movement and as it gains popularity it leads most software companies to engage with the expanding open source community. All things digital, being it music, photos, etc., have in one way or another become free thanks to some clever licenses….

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Open Innovation Course - a guide to get you started

11-06-2014 – Filed under courseopen-innovation

Open Innovation is a great concept to drive ideas and find solutions. To approach and dive into open innovation is not always uncomplicated. At WE THINQ (Disclaimer: I am the founder of WE THINQ) we believe that an easy-entry point is much needed, and that a good alternative to this…

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5 crowdsourcing examples on how the United Nations open up

02-06-2014 – Filed under crowdsourcingopen-innovation

There is no doubt that crowdsourcing has great potential; particularly in the case of the United Nations. One clear advantage of open innovation for the UN is that it allows it to test its performance and engage with each target group to learn what it is actually needed and achieved….

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Innovation hubs - how the Internet is setting the path for innovation

19-03-2014 – Filed under open-innovationcrowdsourcing

Only a few years ago ‘unconferences’ where a new and different type of event, where people organized themselves online to meet somewhere to listen and exchange about crazy ideas. The web-based model of open innovation developed into face-to-face events. Years later, we are now witnessing how innovation hubs are popping…

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10 reasons Open Innovation fails

27-01-2014 – Filed under open-innovationcrowdsourcing

Crossposted from the WE THINQ Blog Open innovation can be a powerful force. When hundreds of people collaborate openly things can evolve in all kinds of creative ways. That kind of energy is fantastic to see and I am always excited to follow real-time open innovation events implemented through our…

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Combining open innovation and crowdsourcing?

07-10-2009 – Filed under ICT4Dcrowdsourcinginnovationpeer-to-peeropen-innovation

At the Socialcamp in Berlin last weekend, a session dealt with “social business 2.0,” which turned out to be an intense and inspiring discussion on open innovation for appropriate technology through crowdsourcing – a sentence with many buzzwords. Essentially, many questions were raised, but among those were: How can innovative…

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