Combining open innovation and crowdsourcing?

07-10-2009 – Filed under ICT4Dcrowdsourcinginnovationpeer-to-peeropen-innovation

At the Socialcamp in Berlin last weekend, a session dealt with “social business 2.0,” which turned out to be an intense and inspiring discussion on open innovation for appropriate technology through crowdsourcing – a sentence with many buzzwords. Essentially, many questions were raised, but among those were: How can innovative…

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Micro-voluntarism a new form of international cooperation

02-04-2009 – Filed under knowledge-managementdevelopmentdonationinternational-cooperationorganizationpeer-to-peervolunteering

One of the greatest things about the Internet is that you can get in touch with people worldwide. I remember that back on the day I chatted for the first time and read from bluemoon11 that the sun was shining in Sidney. Twelve years ago that seemed breathtaking, but today…

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