Data dive: Measuring poverty through real-time data

21-03-2013 – Filed under big-datapovertyclosed-dataprivacydata-analysis

Crossposted from the Voices from Eurasia Blog by UNDP Looking at the many dimensions of poverty, one can realise what a highly complex issue it is. The monetary perspective is just a start-off, there are also many other relevant areas such as health, acccess, location, environment, mobility, etc. Amartya Sen…

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Data explosion (part 2): How we digitize the world and its implications

29-09-2010 – Filed under technologyaccessdataopen-dataprivacyRFIDsensor

In my last post I listed the many ways we digitize our environment. Text, voice and image recognition, and mobile data collection are only a few possible methods to bridge the on- and offline world, as the Swiftly blog rightly pointed out. So here some more methods and some reflections…

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Your address book is the future of social networks

04-06-2010 – Filed under technologypersonal-informationprivacysocial network

There are more than one billion people, who are members of some sort of social network website. But, will these websites be the future platforms, where we can engage to create social networks? I doubt it. The future will go back to your address book, where it has always been….

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A transparent world through face recognition and the great challenge for privacy

18-02-2010 – Filed under technologyprivacysurveillancetransparency

As if the digital world was not already big enough, it still keeps expanding to the offline or physical world. But what does offline anyway means these days with ubiquitous mobile Internet access? That term is losing its meaning. Should that be a problem? Yes, because Internet users and social…

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Impressions from Re-publica and Social Innovation Camp

14-04-2008 – Filed under activismcommunicationconferencee-democracyopen-sourceparticipationpoliticsprivacyrepublicasicamp08social-innovation

The German vs. the British websphere Well, a week after attending both, the Social Innovation Camp (sicamp08) and re-publica, I finally post my reflections on these events. It was great to visit these two events, listen to numerous interesting presentations at re-publica, and grasp the contagious spirit of social innovation…

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Online privacy in Germany is over

02-01-2008 – Filed under activismpoliticsprivacy

This blog post veers a little bit from my usual topics, but in my opinion it is still quite important. Since January 1st, Germany has had a new online surveillance law. The result is an unfortunate wide scale intervention in the privacy of German citizens. Once again, it is another…

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Pitfalls of micro blogging via Twitter

25-11-2007 – Filed under communicationbloggingnetworkprivacysharing

In my last post I described the potential for social networks by tweets and statuses, but now I would like to add to it some links of interesting blog posts about Twitter and its potential. There is, for example, Nancy White, collecting collaboration stories over Twitter. Another interesting post from…

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