Citizen scientist - how mobile phones can contribute to the public good

31-08-2009 – Filed under knowledge-managementcitizen-actioncrowdsourcingmappingmobilesciencevolunteering

Imagine we do not only use our mobile phones to make phones calls and SMS, but to contribute to science. How does that work? We can directly engage in micro-voluntarism or contribute valuable information without doing much more than carrying our mobile phone with us. Just as volunteers share computer…

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An overview of blogging for development

19-09-2007 – Filed under ICT4Dbloggingdevelopmentmobilescience

Background As some of you might already know I work for GTZ (German Technical Cooperation), and I am of course very interested in the potential of the web towards development aid and international cooperation. Surprisingly–and correct me if I am wrong!–but to me, it seems there are not many blogs…

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Wikinomics: Being open, peering, sharing and acting globally

23-05-2007 – Filed under booksbusinesscollaborationsciencewiki

Recently I finished reading the book Wikinomics. I wondered whether it is just another buzzword or if it contributes to the discussion of how the Internet changes our world. In any case the authors left some answers open to be written by the readers themselves. After reading the introduction I…

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