Digital social innovations to solve real world problems

15-11-2018 – Filed under social innovation

Disruptive digital innovation does not happen where you think it does. The media is full of articles about the digital innovations happening at big Internet companies, and which seem impressive at first sight: Google’s Duplex robot assistant can schedule hairdresser appointments by telephone for you. Netflix has improved, yet again,…

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Open innovation in international cooperation

22-09-2016 – Filed under open innovationsocial innovation

Download ebook It is great to see that our publication “10 trends in open innovation” is now available as an eBook. For this project, I worked together with the GIZ, namely Jan Schwaab, Balthas Seibold and Christian Gmelin, to create 10 exciting chapters, which enlighten the abstract concept of innovation….

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The role of data in social innovation

27-01-2015 – Filed under big datasocial innovation

To get from A to B in a city the choices are stark: Public transport, taxi, your own car or bike. If you think that is a lot then skip till the end of this post. But if you are like me, always trying to find the best way to…

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Introduction to Open and social Innovation and how to get started

18-12-2014 – Filed under open innovationsocial innovation

This article was originally published in the GIZ publication “10 trends in open innovation - How to leverage social media for new forms of cooperation”. Taking Down Barriers To Social Innovation How To Tackle Challenges Through Mass Collaboration Tumble dryers are part of many households – a modern convenience but…

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