Social networks for a good cause – growth, culture and impact

20-07-2009 – Filed under activismcausecollaborationdevelopment-2.0social-changesocial-networkweb2fordev

Imagine if people were using social network sites such as Facebook not only for leisure, but to contribute to a good cause.  If engagement would go beyond Slacktivism to be part of a cause, and millions of people were contributing to a common for worldwide development work. Why doesn’t it…

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Exploring the potentials of blogging for development

14-07-2009 – Filed under ICT4Daccountabilitybloggingconversationsocial-changeweb2fordev

In the recent edition of the “Participatory Learning and Action” magazine titled “Change at hand: Web 2.0 for development”, I wrote an article about blogging and whether writing blog posts could make a difference in the development work. In this times of breathtaking web changes, blogging seems already outdated, therefore,…

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9 Examples of innovative tools for the mobile phone

05-03-2009 – Filed under activismICT4Dapplicationconsumer-rightsenvironnmentmobilemobilewebsocial-change

One of the major shift is not the growth of mobile phones, but its transformations to a multi-purpose tool and its ubiquitous nature. Being it a calculator, a translator or a broadcasting, sensing or analyzing medium – the mobile phone will affect much more daily life than personal computers did….

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Africa, Asia, Europe: Web enthusiasts for social innovation

08-10-2008 – Filed under activismICT4Dbarcampsocial-change

The other day I watched some videos from the Web2.0 Expo in New York. I have to say I liked most presentations, but at the same time I was bored that it is all too often about business and just another start up. Therefore, I was surprised to hear Tim…

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