20+ inspiring social innovation lab examples worldwide

30-03-2016 – Filed under innovation-labsocial-innovationcivic-innovation

Social innovation labs are increasingly popping up and evolving all over the world. They mostly focus on startups and business development around topics such as energy, environment, civic participation or the cities as a laboratories. For an introduction to social innovation read my blog post. Most buzz is often about…

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Frankfurt gestalten: Open data for transparency and engagement in local politics

04-03-2010 – Filed under activismcitizen-actionedemocracyfrankfurtopen-datatransparencysocial-innovation

What are politician’s decisions about your neighborhood? What does usually happen in my street and what could be done better? In Frankfurt, Germany, there is now a website called Frankfurt-Gestalten.de (Create Frankfurt), which makes local political decision more transparent and offers a new space for citizen to participate. Frankfurt-Gestalten.de is…

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First Socialcamp in Germany

26-06-2008 – Filed under knowledge-managementsocial-innovation

I finally write about my visit to the first Socialcamp in Germany.  There were activists, campaigners, NGOs and many others who shared their work, experiences and visions with an open spirit. Particularly, the mixture of participants from the traditional German nonprofit sector (social welfare), newer NGOs and activists were quite…

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Collaboration for change: Reflections on the Social Innovation Camp

16-04-2008 – Filed under activismcommunicationICT4Dcollaborationcreativitynonprofitsicamp08social-entrepreneursocial-networksocial-innovation

A bit late I write my feedback from the Social Innovation Camp (sicamp08), which luckily had the chance to join. I first heard about it from Dan McQuillan, who is one of the initiators and also has a great blog. It was a fascinating weekend with a real kind of…

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Impressions from Re-publica and Social Innovation Camp

14-04-2008 – Filed under activismcommunicationconferencee-democracyopen-sourceparticipationpoliticsprivacyrepublicasicamp08social-innovation

The German vs. the British websphere Well, a week after attending both, the Social Innovation Camp (sicamp08) and re-publica, I finally post my reflections on these events. It was great to visit these two events, listen to numerous interesting presentations at re-publica, and grasp the contagious spirit of social innovation…

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