Where do we learn - visualizing the limitations of social media

09-11-2010 – Filed under knowledge-managementaccesslearningsocial-mediavisualization

How and where does most of our learning happens in our daily work life? The visualization above illustrates how intensively the learning process can be, as it can even happen in ordinary places such as the water cooler or the telephone.  At our most common daily places and through our daily…

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Social media literacy: The gap between normal Internet users and social media enthusiasts

18-08-2009 – Filed under knowledge-managementliteracysocial-mediatools

Does social media or Web 2.0 flourish from itself?  Will Internet users consequently adopt social media? Lately, I have had my doubts and on the contrary, I see a widen gap between the social media contributors and enthusiasts and the “normal” Internet users, who conform the part of the Internet…

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From A-Z to Organization2.0: Q - Quality takes time

31-12-2008 – Filed under knowledge-managementbloggingemailorganizationproductivityqualitysocial-media

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Writing blog posts, commenting on them and adding Wiki-pages does take time if you want to achieve good quality – meaning writing consistent, easy…

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The limits to filter feeds and gain more relevance

23-10-2008 – Filed under ICT4Dknowledge-managementfeedict4dfeedrsssocial-mediatechnology

For the past months I have been trying to make the most out of information, therefore I have been experimenting with feeds. No doubt the information power one gains through feeds is great, but the time needed to digest all that information is too long. Unfortunately, there are only a…

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From A-Z to Organization2.0: U - Usability = Higher Motiviation

08-08-2008 – Filed under knowledge-managementmotivationorganizationsocial-mediasocial-softwareusabilitywiki

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z No doubt in recent years web application has been improving significantly in terms of usability. Particularly, the beta mode approach often involves users to…

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Social media for development in the local context

19-06-2008 – Filed under knowledge-managementdevelopmentimpactlocal-knowledgesocial-media

Sorry for not having post anything recently, but I have had the opportunity to participate in the Socialcamp and KM4DEV conference, which I will shortly blog about. Thanks for the interesting comments on my blog post on local knowledge. Meryn Stol wrote a nice comment: “Every person can be a…

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Digital divide: Connectivity and the different dimensions of literacy

02-06-2008 – Filed under ICT4Dknowledge-managementconnectivitylearningmediasocial-mediatechnology

During last days I have been going trough different ICT4D papers, and then again I have been astonished to see that their focus was mainly limited to the issue of access although access to a computer or Internet is just a first step and does not mean you can fully…

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A - Adaptation: From A-Z — the long trail of web2.0 in an organization

25-05-2008 – Filed under communicationknowledge-managementcultureorganizationsocial-mediawikiwork

Three years ago I started experimenting for the first time with web2.0 at my organization (GTZ). In Egypt, we implemented a blog to link different projects of GTZ. Since then, I have been taking part in several initiatives and joined many discussions with the IT, communication, knowledge management and other…

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Metrics: What is the impact of social media on organizations?

02-04-2008 – Filed under knowledge-managementimpactorganizationsocial-media

Getting social media or web2.0 into an organization is still not an easy task. The skepticism is often as high as the enthusiasm. If you can prove the benefit of social media in an organization, then you have better cards to go forward. I have been experimenting for a while…

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