A world of big (closed) data and its unused potential

29-05-2012 – Filed under communicationtechnologybig-dataopen-dataopenness

“Every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003” said Eric Schmidt from Google in 2010. Behind most of this information there is Big Data. And although we Internet users contribute mostly to that vast data, we get little…

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Automated vs. manual mapping - consequences for crowdsourcing

16-12-2010 – Filed under activismtechnologydigital-recognitionmappingmaptivismopenstreetmaps

Digital cartography has made map making a lot easier. But If a map contains a lot of data or specific data, it can become a complex or costly adventure. Despite the efforts around open data, still the majority of data is not publicly available, and if so only for high…

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Data explosion (part 2): How we digitize the world and its implications

29-09-2010 – Filed under technologyaccessdataopen-dataprivacyRFIDsensor

In my last post I listed the many ways we digitize our environment. Text, voice and image recognition, and mobile data collection are only a few possible methods to bridge the on- and offline world, as the Swiftly blog rightly pointed out. So here some more methods and some reflections…

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Data explosion: The many ways to get content online (or how we digitize the world)

13-09-2010 – Filed under ICT4Dknowledge-managementtechnologycrowdsourcingdataopen-data

The same way the fishing industry has found more efficient methods to get most fishes out of the oceans, is exactly how we find more ways to digitze information that was previously only available offline. Imagine a massive fishing-net bringing us the greatest fishes, but emptying the oceans. What would…

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Your address book is the future of social networks

04-06-2010 – Filed under technologypersonal-informationprivacysocial network

There are more than one billion people, who are members of some sort of social network website. But, will these websites be the future platforms, where we can engage to create social networks? I doubt it. The future will go back to your address book, where it has always been….

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A transparent world through face recognition and the great challenge for privacy

18-02-2010 – Filed under technologyprivacysurveillancetransparency

As if the digital world was not already big enough, it still keeps expanding to the offline or physical world. But what does offline anyway means these days with ubiquitous mobile Internet access? That term is losing its meaning. Should that be a problem? Yes, because Internet users and social…

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Mobile phone innovation may not happen where you think it does

22-11-2008 – Filed under ICT4Dafricagpsinnovationiphonemobilesmssoftwaretechnology

The first days have passed by at the the Virtual Forum “Mobile Telephony in Rural Areas” and it has triggered some interesting discussions. One thread is around innovations and mobile phones. Being it software or ideas to extend the usage of the all purpose tools, cutting edge innovations are not…

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The limits to filter feeds and gain more relevance

23-10-2008 – Filed under ICT4Dknowledge-managementfeedict4dfeedrsssocial-mediatechnology

For the past months I have been trying to make the most out of information, therefore I have been experimenting with feeds. No doubt the information power one gains through feeds is great, but the time needed to digest all that information is too long. Unfortunately, there are only a…

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Digital divide: Connectivity and the different dimensions of literacy

02-06-2008 – Filed under ICT4Dknowledge-managementconnectivitylearningmediasocial-mediatechnology

During last days I have been going trough different ICT4D papers, and then again I have been astonished to see that their focus was mainly limited to the issue of access although access to a computer or Internet is just a first step and does not mean you can fully…

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Contribute to the combined ICT4D news feed

05-03-2008 – Filed under ICT4Dfeedict4dfeedrsstechnology

One great way for information hunting feeds, is to grasp whatever is out there on the web concerning one topic. This way, you can get news, discussions and great links right on your desktop. But what about filtering them in order to get the best out of the mass? Especially,…

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Start of the web4dev conference: Major issue connectivity

28-11-2007 – Filed under ICT4Dafricaconnectivitymobiletechnology

I am at the Web4Dev conference in Nairobi, Kenya. The conference brings together people from all over the world to discuss how the web can contribute to development. One overarching topic are the Millennium Development Goals and how information and communication technologies (ICT) can help to achieve them. I will…

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Web2.0, knowledge sharing and IT departments

17-10-2007 – Filed under knowledge-managementsharingtechnology

Here in Germany, Web2.0 is in everybody’s mouth. Newspapers have been reporting about it lately, and some things are around the buzz word–blogs, wikis, social networks, wikipedia, facebook or youtube, get more and more attention. Whereas in the first wave most people wondered where and when will the next cool…

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