What we can learn from farmers about ICT4D and trust

25-06-2010 – Filed under ICT4Dlearningmobilerural-developmentsmstrust

There is often that notion that once you have access to the Internet or to other information and communication technologies (ICT), the whole world of information lies rights at your feet, so you only need to pick the best of it. But in contrary, it can become incredibly time consuming…

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When do we trust an information source?

08-01-2010 – Filed under knowledge managementevaluationinformationresearchsearchsocial-networktrust

Information research is performed in many different ways throughout the Internet. Once an information is found, the assessment of its relevance and trustiness happens through objective criteria and on the premise of subjective factors. What are such criteria and factors?  And how are they changing in a growing social connected…

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