Where do we learn - visualizing the limitations of social media

09-11-2010 – Filed under knowledge-managementaccesslearningsocial-mediavisualization

How and where does most of our learning happens in our daily work life? The visualization above illustrates how intensively the learning process can be, as it can even happen in ordinary places such as the water cooler or the telephone.  At our most common daily places and through our daily…

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The challenges and options to get non open data

25-10-2010 – Filed under knowledge-managementopen-accessopen-dataprogrammingvisualization

Nowadays, if you want to start an open data project, you should rather check the availability of information first, and then imagine something useful because so little useful raw data is available. That’s why for the foreseeable future, at least in countries such as Germany, collecting documents is the way…

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Presentation: A journey to the world of Maptivism

17-05-2010 – Filed under activismmappingmaptivismvisualization

A while ago I was asked, by Markus Beckedahl, to present something on maptivism at the re-publica conference.  And even though I am still exploring this new field, I tried to give an overview of the fascinating world of maptivism. Here is a video of my presentation (33 min.), which…

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From global to local: Mobile, mapping and action

23-11-2009 – Filed under activismICT4Dmappingmobilemonitoringvisualization

Location, mobile phones and the Internet, combined together, are becoming an attractive amalgam for new opportunities. There is a fascinating trend to see the convergence of mobile technologies connected to the Internet and the rising importance of location. This is not just another hype, but could really be interesting for…

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The race to map Africa and ethical issues around online mapping

03-06-2009 – Filed under ICT4Dlinksafricageospatialmappingopen-sourceopen-dataparticipationprojectsvisualizationweb2fordev

I started blogging at the Web2fordev gateway, from which I will crosspost some articles here from time to time to get some further discussions on web2fordev. I wrote the following piece together with Giacomo Rambaldi, the initiator of PPgis (Open Forum on Participatory Geographic Information Systems and Technologies). Online Mapping…

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