We are a digital transformation consultancy and work on projects testing new frontiers in innovation and engagement.

Digital transformation is fast and increasingly complex. We take a system perspective to gain a multi-dimensional view on digital change. That means we do not only look a digital service from an end user perspective (e.g. customer experience and human centered design), instead we take an eco-system perspective to be able to build successful digital services. We believe that open communication and transparency not only motivate people to collaborate more creatively, but also offer sustainable and profitable solutions. We help organisations and companies to revolutionise their work with new collaboration and participation processes within and outside their organizational boundaries (clients, beneficaries). Crisscrossed has worked for public institutions (e.g. World Bank, UNDP, KfW) and private companies (e.g. Fidelity International).

Crisscrossed has a strong foundation in data and knowledge management expertise. Networked thinking is the essence for open innovation and requires. As more and more work life moves digital, the culture of working together and its digital channels are essential. We work in projects data-driven organizations in the in the finance sector and IT and digital strategy for digital government.

crisscrossed GmbH was founded in 2011 by Stephan Manz, Ulf and Christian Kreutz. Christian is its Managing Director. The company is based in Frankfurt am Main in Germany.

Digital and open government

Citizen dialogue in Germany

Data-driven organizations

We worked with GIZ to provide efficient data visualization technics for greater transparency. We have consulted various organizations around data practices and how to tackle challenges to reach more impact through data. We also provide such data advising in the private sector, such as we did for Fidelity International to enhance their data maturity and setup for digital financial services.

Data intelligence

Open innovation

We created the Open Innovation platform WE THINQ that is used by various private and public institutions to engage target groups in moderated innovation procceses. We worked with NESTA and Climate-KIC on finding solutions for environmental challenges. We helped organizations such as Deutsche Welle, GIZ and Fiat Crysler to engage employees in internal innovation processes. And provided a platform for a citizen dialogue hosted by the German President.

Online open innovation process
Open innovation publication
"The WE THINQ platform can be adapted to your challenge, at a great cost, in a sensible timeframe with beautiful results. The back end is simple and easy to maintain throughout different stages of a competition. The WE THINQ team listen to the customer’s needs and works fast to achieve results." Jennifer Clayton Nesta UK