1:1 Coaching to Master Network Thinking

Become part of the network thinking revolution and build a knowledge management system fitted to your needs. You will learn cutting edge tool to optimize your productivity and unleash your creativity. As an end goal, you will organize and structure your information in a complete new way. Say good bye to information overload and build a Zettelkasten like Niklas Luhmann.


“Adopting a networks perspective changes how we see the world and our place in it.” Scientific America

How do you work with information?

Your information is in many places

An often used approach, where information is collected on an ad-hoc basis, that takes a lot of time and is not sustainable.

Your information is structured

Most common approach, where information locked in one folder (e.g. Evernote), although it has links to other topics and work areas.

Your information is connected

Information is linked in multiple ways, so it can be used for various purposes and ideas. Connections lead to new insights.

During My Personal Coaching, You’ll:

Learn cutting edge tools such as Roam Research through a 1:1 tutorial.

Build an efficient workflow: From reading, over note-taking to publishing.

Improve your practices and digital habits to boost your information networking.

Meet Christian.

Christian is a digital knowledge tool expert. He has consulted individuals and organizations for the past 15 years on the best uses and practices of digital knowledge management.

On his quest for a truly powerful knowledge management tool that goes beyond just note-taking, he experimented with Roam Research, Obsidian and Notion.

Christian does not believe in a one-fit all solution. Each person has a unique way to work with knowledge. Luckily there are many alternative apps available. In his 1-1 consultation, he creates an efficient and fun learning experience.


A recipe for success.


Personal tool training

We will get you up-to-speed in Roam Research or an alternative app to start building your very own second brain.


Knowledge System

Based on your specific needs we will choose an approach and tool set to dive deep into network thinking practices.


Mentoring and guiding

Step by step we will develop your system: From note-taking , over text structuring to publishing content.


On demand support

Progress quickly: You will get access to a Whatsapp channel to get all your questions answered quickly.

Here's what past clients have said:

"Christian introduced me to Roam Research and gave me many perspectives to reflect on my knowledge system."

Christian Pfeifer

"The coaching with Christian put my day to day job as a knowledge worker to a new level."

Lilli Küster

Ready to improve your knowledge system?