Fiverr AI Letter

In the last two decades, outsourcing digital work has become a major industry. Companies began shifting bits and pieces of their operations to cheaper labor markets. This led to the development of platforms like Upwork and Fiverr that offer freelancers from around the world for a small fee. One could argue this is a great way to start working in the digital space and a better alternative than low-paying gig work on ride hailing apps like Gojek (Indonesia) or Little (Kenya). All you need is a laptop and you can be part of the international force trying to make a decent wage. Nonetheless, your efforts will be met with fierce competition as more and more advanced AI technologies are developed making things ever tougher for those who depend on these business models.

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Digital Check Canvas German Government

As you delve deeper into digitalizing government services, two realities become clear: the complex process of transitioning from manual paper-driven processes between multiple government agencies requires a culture of adaptability that administrations often lack. Additionally, the sheer number of government services involved makes it incredibly likely that a backlog of manual tasks will remain for an extended period of time.

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Truly green data servers are far from reality

When it comes to the relationship between environment and technology, there are many terms thrown around: Green technology, Climate Tech, Clean Technology, Green IT. They are often used interchangeably, though they mean different things. As I tried to understand it, I pondered the various interpretations of these ideas.

It's easy to recognize how technologies can lower or remove carbon dioxide emissions while also increasing their contribution to worldwide carbon use.

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