How can Web2.0 contribute to development?

6/8/2007 | Christian Kreutz

I am part of the organization team for the web2fordev conference in Rome, this coming September, and therefore I am excited to anounce our new blog here too.

Dear friends, colleagues, bloggers and readers,

Here are a few questions for you. How can Web2.0 contribute to development? What are your experiences in using Web2.0 tools for knowledge sharing and collaboration in the domain of rural and agricultural development? Do social networks, mashups, blogs, and wikis have an influence on your work? What challenges towards Web2.0 did you experience or do you expect?

web2fordevShare your thoughts on the Web2fordev blog! Come and join our discussions or contribute with posts to prepare the agenda of the Web2ForDev conference in Rome, this coming September.

We are collecting interesting experiences on the use of Web2.0, and exploring its different dimensions within the context of development. The focus of the conference is on rural and agricultural development and natural resource management. The blog goes beyond this. We invite you, working in any sector of development (health, youth, education, ICTs, humanitarian, media, etc.) to share your take on technology & development in this blog.

Web2fordev is the first conference devoted to exploring ways in which international development actors can take advantage of the technical and organisational opportunities provided by Web 2.0.

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