Weekly links July (3)

7/22/2007 | Christian Kreutz
  • How Will Web 2.0 Change Journalism? A short video about the future media landscape with interviews of some "web gurus." Not much new but nice to listen to.
  • Pan-African podcasting Interesting article from Pambazuka News about the challenges on podcasting in Africa.
  • Digital divide goes beyond MySpace, Facebook "We're moving from a (digital divide that's about) access to technology to one that's about access to social skills and cultural knowledge that emerges from access to digital technologies."
  • 15 Productive Uses for a Wiki A little listing about the usage of wikis. Unfortunately quite random and not so focused on organizations.
  • Cases2.0 Case studies for enterprise2.0 or simply how web2.0 tools can be implenented in an organization.