Weekly links: About Twitter and the future of the social web

27.08.2007 | Christian Kreutz
  • Who owns web2.0? Amy Webb made an interesting listing on the latest acquisition of media and web companies. A rather spooky video shows the outcome of too much media concentration: Prometeus - The Media Revolution
  • Thinking about Twitter Nancy White wrote two excellent posts about the use of Twitter to share knowledge and its different effects on communication, networking and learning (First post / Second post). I wrote a rather critical article about it, but I will give Twitter a try now.
  • Collaborative and collective intelligence An interesting post that describes the differences between wisdom of crowds and collaborative work. Wisdom of crowds, where the collective is used to generate average data such as a tag cloud or to get the most interesting articles. Collaborative work is different in which people write together, for example, wikipedia entries or a book.
  • Did you know2.0? A very nice video that points some of the changes of our knowledge society and the effects of the social web for the future. A quote from the video: "The amount of technical information is doubling every two years. By 2010 it is predicted to double every 72 hours." Karl Fisch did the video and invites for further discussions.