Weekly links: Blogging for democracy and African ingenuity

9/15/2007 | Christian Kreutz
  • Two articles on mobile for development Mobiles for the 'world's poorest' is a new article from BBC, which describes how Jeffery Sachs Millenium village project applies mobile phones. Another article describes how PDAs are saving lives in Africa.
  • Blogging for democracy around the world Interesting interview with Antony Loewenstein, who talks about his trip to various countries to visits blogger writing for democracy. In his opinion "Blogs have certainly democratised the political process, and allowed “average” citizens the chance to engage." In another guardian commentary he argues in the context of the Arab world, that Bloggers "are challenging the political status-quo like never before, despite the risks in doing so."
  • Afrigadget A great blog from Erik Hersman, kikuyumoja and others, which shows the fascinating art of improvisation in Africa. Check out for example the BodaPhone or a home made welding machine. The title of the blogs says it all: Solving everyday problems with African ingenuity.