Search your own information web

9/16/2007 | Christian Kreutz

I just stumbled over deliGoo, a great new search mashup. It combines and Google's custom search. That means, it can search for a keyword through all the websites of the 2829 bookmarks in my account. This gives me amazingly relevant results because my bookmarks represent my own web of topics--those I am interested on.


You have to install deliGoo in your Firefox browser. When you run it the first time, it takes some time to include all your bookmarked websites into Google's custom search. But then, once it is done, you can search through all these websites by typing any keyword. Now I am even happier of having invested so much time bookmarking so many websites that are part of my personal knowledge management. Here is my deliGoo search (Sorry works only with the firefox plugin.)

One can also search single tags in too. For example the NPK4DEV (nonprofit knowledge management for development) tag, which is collaboratively used by various people, offers great websites. That way you can search in websites chosen by people for being interesting and valuable. Not surprising, the results are far better. To me, it is another step proving that web2.0, with such tools, makes the web more useful and handy to anyone.