Top posts 2007 and my lessons learnt

31.12.2007 | Christian Kreutz

It is pleasing to reflect about the most visited posts, from this blog, during 2007. I wonder why some triggered more attention than others; and I am looking forward to applying some lessons learnt in 2008.

  1. 4 examples for innovative mobile phone use in Africa
  2. 10 challenges for web2.0 in organizations
  3. What is enterprise2.0? Five pillars for efficient knowledge sharing
  4. A learning story: My way to web2.0
  5. Blog action day: E-waste, the downside of the growing web
  6. Web2.0, knowledge sharing and IT departments
  7. Innovative online activism mashup
  8. An overview of blogging for development
  9. 3 different conversations: blogs to fight poverty
  10. Social webs in Africa

This top ten present five interesting highlights from 2007:

  1. Web2.0 finally entered on a wide scale organizations and companies.
  2. The web finally goes beyond PC's and has a breakthrough on mobile phones.
  3. Development aid organizations started to sense a potential in web2.0.
  4. It is the southern hemisphere were many innovative web applications came from.
  5. Web2.0 - the collaborative web is more seen in respect to knowledge sharing and learning.

My personal lessons learnt after half a year blogging are different:

  • Orientation Through this blog, I try to focus on giving an overview of different developments and link topics. To fish interesting pieces in the information ocean and link them, gives readers an own perspective to continue. I am glad this seems to trigger growing readers. I am still puzzled about how important the linking to other interesting content is valued although it does not take as much work as writing.
  • Consistency As always, the clearer you write the better people will get you. I see blogging as a reflection for my learning. So, I still cannot resist to write rather abstract sometimes, but I will try harder to write more concise. The most consistent posts got most readers.
  • Personal Writing from a personal perspective is authentic and triggers most of the comments. I often resist writing too personally because I think content is more important than opinion. However it is quite tricky to find out what my audience values higher. :-)
  • Variety I am glad the variety of topics seems to be accepted as my subscribers grow. I am, honestly, simply to curious about many things to not write about them. Like the web, topics are simply so much interwoven, and I believe interdisciplinarity is the key.
  • Time I invested quite a lot of time on blogging and I am happy about its outcome. To start doing so means to become part of a network with other bloggers, and that is inspiring.

Lastly thanks a lot to all of my readers for checking this blog out through the year 2007. All the best for 2008.