9 Examples of innovative tools for the mobile phone

05.03.2009| Christian Kreutz

One of the major shift is not the growth of mobile phones, but its transformations to a multi-purpose tool and its ubiquitous nature. Being it a calculator, a translator or a broadcasting, sensing or analyzing medium – the mobile phone will affect much more daily life than personal computers did. Antonella Pastore looks at the latest ITU-report and asks "It’s a mobile world… and the end of the Web as we know it?"

"A world in which nearly everyone owns a mobile linked into networks advanced enough to offer video and location-based services is years, not decades, away." (Internews report)

The potentials are various and if we want to understand them and think out-of-the-box, we have to exclude the traditional approaches through personal computers and the Internet. But the difficulty is to find out how mobile phones will be used in the future. Nathan Eagle points it out rightly: "people are going to do work on their mobile phones in Africa, we just don't know what it is yet."


To come a step closer, I have listed some innovative examples for mobile phones from around the world.

Does it happen everywhere?

But is it really happening everywhere? Isn't the iPhone just a tool for the northern hemisphere? Yes, and even faster in Asia and it might be even adopted sooner in developing countries. Opera has some interesting monthly statistics in this regard. For example  Jamaican access via mobile web, has already exceeded the access via PCs. Would you have guessed that 80% of mobile web traffic to the BBC comes form Africa? Also, in China students save their money to share a smart phone with flat-rate to do  their research. Now, there is even an sms based browser for mobile phones.

Lastly, I wonder how different innovations around the mobile phone will be? I think it will be even faster than on PCs, because mobile allow far more ways to hack it.