Knowledge management in decline and the prove of data

2/23/2012 | Christian Kreutz

Knowledge management is in decline or even once again dead according some writers. Knowledge management has probably been a misleading concept ever since the times when we used to believe we could store our wisdom in a little neat database. And that's also probably why document management is also plunging.

Have a look at these Google search trends; they show how all things management are downturning. Is this finally an attribute to complexity?

But wait, isn't it nowadays all about data, open data, big data? So are we walking back in time? I hope not and the above example makes a good case. There are discussions about the decline of knowledge management, but rarely any evidence. The above search queries from millions of people give us an insight. That is why the combination of data with knowledge is helpful. I will write soon more on that.

And what comes after knowledge management? Social business is the new kid on the block. I thought social business was an entrepreneur with an altruistic perspective. But it seems like it is also a new cluster to describe "what" social media can change in an organization. That is indeed funny – as if organizations are not inherently social. How could they even function without social relationships? Internet based exchange can foster social relationships, but it is only one type of exchange. Or maybe it is time to stop the people vs. technology debate? So what can we learn from this? Concepts are helpful clusters, associated in all directions and have their life span.