Blog change – work change

11/30/2009 | Christian Kreutz

This blog post is a personal note. As you might have noticed, I have redesigned the blog and I hope you like it. Moreover, since I started this blog, more than 2 years ago, quite a lot in my life has changed. Now, I would like to tell more about it and catch up with you on that.

It has been one year already since I left GTZ (German Technical Cooperation), after having worked there for five years. My desicion was based on my desire to follow different paths as a freelancer. I have to admit that wanting to give up the 9-5 rythm also played a big role. I believed that my working life will transform to a great extent in the next coming years and it is time to experiment. Another factor were the many fascinating topics in this wide world, on which one could immerse, and the sadly fact that organizations are in some cases to slow to listen and to adapt. "But that's why we have 'you' consultants," said once a colleague to me. Therefore, I have been more that pleased to provide that service for the past year, which has brought me to different organizations and interesting projects.

A lot of this professional transformation would not have happened without this blog. It has given me the chance to meet great and inspiring people, from whom I have learnt more than a lot and have helped me to build up my own business. I have been blogging for 2 and a half years now and I can look back at great times. Honestly, when I started this blog, I never imagined I was about to enter such a rich and open network of creative people. These days, Twitter makes the networking even easier and faster, but I believe it is incomparable to the exchanged thoughts and ideas through blogs.

So, I want to thank all of my readers and commenters for the past years, and ensure them that I will definetely continue blogging. Hope you enjoy the new blog and please let me know about your thoughts on it. If you are interested in my services, take a look at the new section "Consultancy" in the top menu, where I explain a bit more my services and references.