Download ebook It is great to see that our publication “10 trends in open innovation” is now available as an eBook. For this project, I worked together with the GIZ, namely Jan Schwaab, Balthas Seibold and Christian Gmelin, to create 10 exciting chapters, which enlighten the abstract concept of innovation. The various chapters provide an overview and practical advice on how to pursue an open innovation approach. Thanks to all the authors. Following are some introductions to the chapters. 1. Creating Space for Change Geraldine de Bastion Africa’s Technology Innovation Hubs Social Media have by now spread to all corners of the world, including the remotest areas in Africa. They have changed our personal and professional communication, our news and consumption habits and the way we share information. New markets…

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20+ inspiring social innovation lab examples worldwide

Mar / 30 / 2016

Social innovation labs are increasingly popping up and evolving all over the world. They mostly focus on startups and business…

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Ocean pollution: Crowdsourcing data for advocacy

Mar / 03 / 2016

At the border session festival I had the pleasure to attend a fascinating presentation by Jeroen Dagevos from the Plastic…

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