“Good morning Heinz. No more excuses or I will open the shutters” says Claire, my ongoing follower, my legal stalker and beloved artificial intelligence assistant. The sweet voice is echoing in every corner of the apartment during my morning routine. She follows me through speakers or whispers in my ear. I don’t know when I was able to procrastinate last. In the beginning, I was able to outthink Claire, pretending I had a fever, but since body temperature sensors in mattresses came along, that is a hopeless endeavor. Dare to brush your teeth below 2 minutes. Claire gives you a minimum 5 minute lecture with statistics about germs and bacterias. I admit, I am not able to mute Claire in these moments. On my commute to work, I get a…

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Peace Forum Paris: The rise of digital conflict and the need for digital peace

Nov / 22 / 2018

The Internet has become in recent years a major arena of conflict. National and international conflicts are increasingly fought online…

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Digital social innovations to solve real world problems

Nov / 15 / 2018

Disruptive digital innovation does not happen where you think it does. The media is full of articles about the digital…

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