Disruptive digital innovation does not happen where you think it does. The media is full of articles about the digital innovations happening at big Internet companies, and which seem impressive at first sight: Google’s Duplex robot assistant can schedule hairdresser appointments by telephone for you. Netflix has improved, yet again, its movie recommendation algorithm to better entertain you. Amazon has further automated its warehouse to deliver packages a bit faster. What do all these innovations have in common? They all come from big Internet companies and they don’t contribute a bit to make the world a better place. There is an overall obsession about the digital innovations developed by US-based Internet companies, although there are inventions arising all around the world. For instance, in China the eCommerce giant JD.com is already using drones…

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Introduction to digital human rights

Nov / 08 / 2018

Digital rights means different things to different people: From digital rights management to digital human rights. This post shall give…

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Sensorica: Self Managed Open Network Innovation

Jun / 23 / 2017

Back at the Peer Value conference last year I had the chance to hear a presentation by Tiberius Brastaviceanu from…

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