Artificial intelligence (AI) is already embedded in a range of digital services. Voice assistants such as Alexa, car routing or content translation all involve machine learning - the most popular form of artificial intelligence technology. There are many warnings these days about AI, such as the ethics behind these machine driven decision systems or threats of automation and the loss of many jobs. Very little is reported about how artificial intelligence can improve public services and can have positive social impact. Smart algorithms combined with cloud computing power allow unprecedented forms of data analysis that would take much longer if humans were doing it. Below I researched a list of inspiring examples of how artificial intelligence is used in public service, education, human rights and health (#aiforgood). The examples prove…

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Private teachers for everyone? Personalized learning through artificial intelligence

Dec / 12 / 2018

In the science of learning it is long known that every student is required to study differently depending on their…

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A work day in 2035 thanks to artificial intelligence

Nov / 30 / 2018

“Good morning Heinz. No more excuses or I will open the shutters” says Claire, my ongoing follower, my legal stalker…

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