In the science of learning it is long known that every student is required to study differently depending on their experience, skills and knowledge. But most training approaches teach the same way to all students. The student needs to adapt to the course curricula, instead of the curricula adapting to the student needs. Elearning makes little difference here, where each student goes through the same learning material. And even much celebrated massive open online courses dictate one learning path. This is a major flaw in school education and online trainings. One attempt to solve this challenge is to work with real-time lectures or online discussions, which in my experience rarely work well. Personalized learning through artificial intelligence can be a promising alternative. Imagine each student has an own private teacher…

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A work day in 2035 thanks to artificial intelligence

Nov / 30 / 2018

“Good morning Heinz. No more excuses or I will open the shutters” says Claire, my ongoing follower, my legal stalker…

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Peace Forum Paris: The rise of digital conflict and the need for digital peace

Nov / 22 / 2018

The Internet has become in recent years a major arena of conflict. National and international conflicts are increasingly fought online…

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