Christian Kreutz: I’m here at the Peer Value Conference with Donnie Maclurcan? I pronounced it right. That’s very nice. I was very intrigued about the work you’re saying you’re doing. Tell me a bit about what you’re doing? Donnie Maclurcan: Six years ago, with 10 individuals, we co-founded a global economics institute called the Post Growth Institute. We look at what comes after capitalism. What was fascinating to me – and relates a lot to the processes that we’ve engaged with since then – is some of the lessons we learned about starting our organization, and what really motivates people to continue being part of the organization, and builds trust within our group. Two things here emerged, and they relate largely to the very first experience we had. Imagine 10…

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Crowdfunding innovation in international cooperation

Sep / 28 / 2016

Download ebook For the launch of the ebook “10 trends in open innovation”, I was interviewed by Wolfgang Gumpelmaier-Mach, from…

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Open innovation in international cooperation

Sep / 22 / 2016

Download ebook It is great to see that our publication “10 trends in open innovation” is now available as an…

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