Circle of people with a mobile phone

Digital Public Infrastructure: Organisations and Resources

A curated overview of influential organizations, initiatives and resources shaping the development of digital public infrastructure - the open, secure and interoperable digital foundations for governments and public services.

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An office only with machines

Examples of job reduction through automation and generative AI

Explore real-world examples of how automation and generative AI are reshaping the workforce, impacting jobs across various industries.

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Illustration of a laptop with a chimney

Sustainability in Tech: Bridging Green Software, Resources, and Organizations

Explore the intersection of sustainability and technology, highlighting key strategies for green software, hardware efficiency, and organizational best practices.

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Street Scene Smart Phone

Principles, Standards and Frameworks for Digital Government and Development

Explore an overview of the key principles, standards, and frameworks guiding digital development today. Learn how to build inclusive, equitable digital services.

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Global Digital Youth

The Interconnected World: Statistics on Internet Connectivity and Interaction

Exploring global internet connectivity, digital divide, and African continent. Unconnected populations, connected demographics, data and technology.

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Old radio

From the 80s to Present: A Brief History of ICT4D and Digital Development

Exploring the early days of ICT4D, from radio broadcasting to the emergence of the internet. Challenges of access, cost, and digital divide are highlighted.

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