For the past 5 years I have been involved in a number of web civic engagement projects. I have seen as many successes as failures, which in one way or another have always been a lesson. Certainly, so much learning has taken me to conceive one of my own projects, for example Creating Frankfurt - a citizen participation project, which I developed four years ago in Germany. This project, as in the practice, has taught me what works and what doesn't. Because of that, I can attest that there is very little information out there on evidences and references when it comes to civic innovation. A lot is just a trend or hype and few are on the quest for a sustainable and demanded citizen participation service, which is very tricky to achieve. (Hint: It is much less about technology than most believe it is).

Here are my lessons learnt:

1. No one is waiting for you

Sad, but true. Even now, in 2014, civic participation apps are still pretty much new everywhere. No one is expecting your service and that's make it pretty hard to gain an audience. The majority of people have no expectation of civic apps...

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Holacracy – empowering people, driving creativity and gaining productivity

Aug / 12 / 2014

From my experience gained throughout my career, I have stumbled over and over again with organizational problems. Companies and organizations, from whatever field, are simply inefficiently structured. More or less the classical top-down approach tends to persist, completely contradicting a more efficient approach to empower people. Ofttimes, the talents and the potential of employees are restrained by organizational hierarchies, which at the end of the day is counterproductive for most organizations. As a founder of a company, I searched for...

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Open Innovation Course - a guide to get you started

Jun / 11 / 2014

Open Innovation is a great concept to drive ideas and find solutions. To approach and dive into open innovation is not always uncomplicated. At WE THINQ (Disclaimer: I am the founder of WE THINQ) we believe that an easy-entry point is much needed, and that a good alternative to this would be practical and concise messages showing you the potential and needed resources, factual examples, and providing accurate answers to the right questions. Here is a little taster to show...

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