After months of work our software code is finally released to the public for free. Every line of code and all thoughts behind it. Good ideas and probably also so not so good ones. The philosophy behind it all is simple: An idea needs to prove itself and can only be improved if its "recipe" is as transparent as possible. For us at Crisscrossed (, it was our first open source software project  and as an outcome there was the realization that open source innovation is essential for how we collaborate on ideas to make them become reality in a complex world

Traditionally, collaborative efforts were limited by restrictions such as geographical boundaries. People needed to be in the same physical proximity to work on projects, greatly limiting their scope. Open source projects, and those involving software in particular, are not bound by such confines. Harish Pillay  

Or to be more blunt: The whole concept of the Web is made for such an open source innovation approach and closed innovation contradicts the inner logic of how the Internet works. 

Open does not mean chaos but smart licenses

Personally, from this journey I have learned that things...

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20 inspiring open source innovation communities and tools from around the world

Jul / 17 / 2015

Last updated: 04.09.15 Open source software has become a strong movement and as it gains popularity it leads most software companies to engage with the expanding open source community. All things digital, being it music, photos, etc., have in one way or another become free thanks to some clever licenses. What is not so often noticed is how the vision of open source spreads to other sectors and leads to a fascinating array of tools, thanks for example to 3D...

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How open government can turn evil thanks to big data and machine learning

Feb / 04 / 2015

The New Yorker recently published an insightful article called „We Know How You Feel - Computers are learning to read emotion, and the business world can’t wait.“, which discusses the potential of machine learning and big data. The author tells the story of how advanced facial recognition has developed. It is now possible to analyze single facial expressions and emotions we are not even aware of ourselves. That has triggered a lot of interest by advertisement companies. The goal is...

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