Good practice: Group blogging in an organization

7/20/2007 | Christian Kreutz

For the "I collaborate, e-collaborate, we collaborate"  blog, I wrote a post about internal organizational blogging, as an example of how web2.0 can be used to change communications and enhance knowledge sharing. Behind "e-collaborate", there is a great community of pratice to exchange experiences for online knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Blogging changes communicationBlogging changes communication. This post is an attempt to summarize my group blogging experiences since the last two years. In the post, I describe the implementation, crititcal factors and results. What really strikes me is that internal blogging can change communication, lead to a better knowledge sharing, and from my experience, it can also become sustainable. The blog has become a community of its own which is driven by the users, who are equally readers and authors.

Check out the post: Roadblogs: GTZ Egypt's experiences of introducing blogs for internal exchange