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Principles, standards and frameworks for digital development

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation, it's important to remember that innovation doesn't always require starting from scratch. Often, the wheel gets reinvented, leading to a situation where crucial elements or critical factors might be overlooked in the development of digital services.

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The Interconnected World: Statistics on Internet Connectivity and Interaction

The internet has utterly transformed the nature of human interaction, fostering connections that span the globe. Yet, despite rapid advances, certain regions lag behind in internet usage and access. This article will delve into the nuanced landscape of global internet connectivity and the patterns of interaction it facilitates.

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From the 80s to Present: A Brief History of ICT4D and Digital Development

The early days of information and communications technologies for development (ICT4D)

Technologies always played a role in development all around the world. The UNESCO defines Information and communication technologies (ICT) as a “diverse set of technological tools and resources used to transmit, store, create, share or exchange information.”

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